Whole or Half Beef

Save money by purchasing a whole or half beef and customize it to your desire. We supply whole/half beef options all year long! However, we will not have wholes/halves until April 2019. You can still purchase whole/half amounts from our stock. 

Contact us for more information about how to customize your order today!

Pricing for full and half beef is determined by rail weight. Our whole and half beef prices break down to $3.83/lb. Average rail weight for a whole is 730 lbs and 365 lbs for a half.

Interested in standard cuts? Contact us about our stock inventory that is sold at a 10% discounted rate. This can also be delivered same day. 

Note: Whole and half pricing changes with market prices. We will do our best to keep the website pricing up to date. Our prices include processing and delivery.

We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to get the process started.

For our custom cut orders, there is a minimum 21 day wait for delivery or pick up after order is placed. Tenderizing, boneless and patties are additional cost.

Roasts and steaks are both plastic and paper wrapped, ground beef is plastic wrapped. 

How to make the first step to filling your freezer:

   1. Contact us
   2. We will select the perfect beef for you
   3. We will help you through the process of picking the best cuts for your family
   4. Once the beef is packaged, we will schedule delivery or pickup
   5. We will send you an invoice for the remaining amount owed
   6. Enjoy your custom beef and come back soon!