About Us

Our Story

Corey Farms Premium Beef is a small, family owned and operated custom cattle grow yard. Our cattle base consists of personal home raised and custom fed cattle from local ranch producers.

Our Products

We provide premium beef cuts that have been inspected and graded by USDA inspectors. Our beef is processed by a USDA licensed local processor to insure the finest and best beef available. It is the very same beef we choose to feed our families and friends.

All of our beef is USDA graded Choice to Choice plus. We do not sell lesser cuts of beef. The cattle chosen for our premium beef cuts program are specifically chosen for these attributes.

The great taste and marbling comes from a low-stress growing environment, carefully balanced grain based feed rations, and overall care in the growing to finish process. 

Our Custom Care 

Cattle are received at weaning and are vaccinated with a booster vaccine to prevent sickness and boost their immune system. We choose not to implant calves with artificial growth hormones, instead the cattle are introduced to a nutritionally-balanced grow ration formulated by our nutritionist.

Our Mission

To provide excellent quality and great tasting grain-fed beef at the best value, packaged in affordable quantities to fit any budget. Beef that you feel safe to feed your family.