We would love to hear your thoughts about our meat, if you feel inclined to write us a review please send it to coreyfarmspremiumbeef@gmail.com

"We read about the Corey Farms in the paper and because we have been looking for something other than super market meat, we decided to give Corey Farms Beef a try.  We ordered the small and savory bundle and to our surprise, it was delivered on the same day. I had also asked for the roasts to be chuck roasts and that is what we received. The next evening we put the rib steaks on the barbecue to eat for dinner.  We have not had a rib steak so tasty in years.  The cut was perfect and eating it was a joy. I told my wife it was like eating candy. We can’t wait to try the other meat in our purchase.  We will be ordering again and have told our children that live here about Corey Farms Beef. A big shout out to Emily for the excellent job in taking our order and the quick delivery.  Thanks so much

And today we received a personalized thank you card from them.  The whole deal has been just great. Thank you again."

-The Buxman Family

"I decided to give this a try and have been really happy with everything. 
I ordered one of the package deals, and they had evening delivery, which works best for me. 
Someone polite, and nicely dressed delivered my order. Which is really nice, because you worry about who is coming to your house. 
Everything was packaged nicely and labeled clearly. It was so nice to have a full freezer.
We have tried the ground beef, and t-bone steaks so far, and they have been great. The steaks were a great cut, had good coloring and marbling, and it had a wonderful fresh smell which I was surprised due to it being frozen. everything has tasted great and I cant wait to try the roasts.
We received a card in the mail that was hand written with a note. It mentioned something we discussed during the delivery. It made it personal and showed this person really cared and listened.
I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future."

-Amanda Beck

"Corey Farms Premium Beef was wonderful to order from. Great customer service and easy to navigate website. Their delivery was very convenient with 3 little ones of my own. The beef has been delicious. Good prices for way better than grocery store beef, it's been a win win for us. Yummy beef, easy to work with, local family owned business, you can't go wrong. Thank you Corey Farms Premium Beef, we look forward to ordering from you again."

-May Sweet 

"Ordered a package bundle a few months ago. It was delivered promptly. Every cut has been excellent. The t- bones were incredible. The sirloin was huge and tasty. Every bite of hamburger superb. Highly recommend for excellent product and incredible service."

-Adam Moran

"We ordered Prime Rib, brisket, hamburger, and 2 sirloin roast’s. We cooked the 2 sirloin roasts in a crock pot and it was amazing. The roast was tender an flavorful. The prices were better than what we have seen at our local butcher. We would recommend them to everyone we know."

-Ness Jackson

"Tonight was my first Corey Farms solo beef prep ... just plain browned hamburger for use in soups and other dishes - and WOW! What great flavor and texture!! I can't wait to use this hamburger in some of my favorite recipe's because I know it will make some already great meals even better! 
I made my initial Corey Farms purchase as a test to see what my family and friends thought of the flavor ... would it be worth buying again? The answer is a resounding YES!! If you haven't already tried Corey Farms, try it now!! You will be happy you did!"

-Lauri Garrison

"I recently decided to get some beef from Mark Corey and I have to say it was delicious!  I have been an executive chef for 16 years at fine dining restaurants so I have seen my share of quality beef.  The beef from here is on par or better than choice plus graded beef I ordered from premium purveyors at less than half the price!  The flavor was mild and buttery the steaks were perfectly tender and the butchering and packaging was on point.  I will certainly be buying more beef from here next time I need to fill the freezer."

-Evan Symmes

"The Corey family gave us some of their beef products to sample. We grill most of the year and normally enjoy a good T-bone steak. We were given a Sirloin Steak and decided to compare the flavor to a T-bone. To our delight, the sirloin was comparable in flavor and we really enjoyed it. We will be purchasing other cuts of meat from the Corey Farms Premium Beef."

-The Robbins Family

"Delivery right to our door. We’re pretty fussy about our meat. This was a real treat. Our dog is outside enjoying her first yummy bone."

-The Tiedeman Family

" Your beef tasting party was a great idea. The fantastic flavor and convenient bundles make it a wonderful way to obtain quality beef delivered to the door. We are on your customer list. Thanks!"

-The Varga Family

"We received a package of meat from Corey Farms and it did not disappoint. Definitely worth it and will be ordering more. The T-bone steaks were very tasty and can’t wait to cook the brisket. Definitely recommend ordering a package for your family!!"

-Dawn Robbins

"Went to a tasting at their house! Great idea for all to try. I lived in WY for a lot of years eating ranch feed beef and pork. Sure have missed this. Thank you for reaching out to new folks."

-Juanita Peterson